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EEE - Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

CSE - Computer Science Engineering

IT - Information Technology Engineering

ECE - Electronics and Communication Engineering

MBA - Mater of Business Science


Civil Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Information Technology

Masters in Computer Applications

Mechanical Engineering

Bio-Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Food Technology

Leather Technology

Oil Technology

Paint Technology

Plastic Technology



Harcourt Butler Technical University Kanpur has been established in year 2016 by the Government of Uttar Pradesh with a view for making it a leading Residential University to become a Centre of Excellence with focus on Research and Development and Incubation in the field of Engineering, Technology, Basic & Applied Sciences, Humanities, Social Science & Management Architecture and other professional courses. HBTU aims to promote studies, research & innovation in Engineering areas of higher education, to enhance skill development through continuing education programme and knowledge and to achieve excellence in higher Technical education.

On academic front, the University is running Four Schools with thirteen Undergraduate Programmes in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Information Technology, Leather Technology , Mechanical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Food Technology , Oil Technology, Paint Technology and Plastic Technology along with M.C.A, full time & part time M.Tech. Programme in various disciplines and going to start full time Ph.D. programme in number of disciplines as part of Quality Improvement Programme of MHRD and TEQUP-II. In view of the emerging need of the time, the University is planning to start number of Programmes at Undergraduate and Post Graduate level in the near future.

The University provides a congenial environment for the holistic growth and all round development of the students such that they become globally acceptable personalities with communication skills, proper attitudes, aptitudes, problem solving capabilities and to work as a team.

HBTU Kanpur(Formerly HBTI) has received aid from the World Bank( Phases TEQIP-I , TEQIP-II) for various developmental projects. This aid will be spent for:

  • Development of the Infrastructure.
  • New Laboratory equipment.
  • Maintenance and repair of old laboratory equipment.
  • Funding for research and lectures attended by faculty in foreign Universities.
  • Aim towards community development and overall growth.

The faculty members have contributed large numbers of research papers in Indian as well as International journals. Besides, many R&D Schemes sponsored by D.S.T, U.G.C, I.C.A.R, D.R.D.O.,U.P.C.S.T., C.S.I.R., D.A.E., I.C.M.R.,D.O.E. and Ministry of Civil supplies have been successfully completed. All these accomplishments definitely prove it to be a fecund ground for nurturing intellects.

Since 1921 Harcourt Butler Technical University (Formerly HBTI Kanpur) has always been a paragon and a source of inspiration in the field of science and technology. It has maintained its conspicuous presence in the technical world. H.B.T.I. has a history of realization, fulfilment of necessities and advancement in the field of science and technology. It is dedicated for the cause of rapid industrial development, creating a healthy environment for applied researches and above all to carve out men and women, having a truly rational and scientific demeanour. ‘Attitude’ is the watchword – taking care of which the personality of every harcourtian is moulded. Its roots are as deep as its outlook. “Government Research Institute, Cawnpore” was established in 1920, which was renamed as “Government Technological Institute” in 1921. Finally in 1926 it got the name by which we know it today “Harcourt Butler Technological Institute”. Now as per Act No. 11 of 2016 by the Government of Uttar Pradesh it become university, i.e., Harcourt Butler Technical University Kanpur.

The University is spread across two campuses, the east campus (77 acres) and the west campus (271 acres) situated about 3 km apart.

Admission in HBTU takes place through:

  • IIT-JEE for MCA & B.Tech Courses
  • GATE for admission in M.Tech. program.

HBTU Kanpur offers a plethora of choices to its students in the field of engineering & sciences with a curriculum which is continually adapted to the ever changing needs of the industry.

UNDERGRADUATE COURSES – B.Tech.(4 Years: 8 Semesters)

S. No.CourseIntake
1Chemical Engineering50
2Civil Engineering30
3Computer Science & Engineering60
4Electrical Engineering33
5Electronics Engineering45
6Information & Technology30
7Mechanical Engineering60
8Chemical Technology (Biochemical Engineering)30
9Chemical Technology (Leather Technology)20
10Chemical Technology (Food Technology)30
11Chemical Technology (Oil Technology)30
12Chemical Technology (Paint Technology)30
13Chemical Technology (Plastic Technology)30


MCA Programmes(3 years 6 semesters)Intake – 60

M.Tech Programmes:

S. No.CourseOffering DepartmentIntake
1Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering18
2Chemical Technology with specialization in34
Biochemical Engineering
Food Technology
Oil Technology
3Computer Aided DesignMechanical Engineering18
Electronics & Communication Engineering
4Environmental Science & EngineeringCivil Engineering18

M.Tech Part Time

S. No.CourseOffering DepartmentIntake
1Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering10
2Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering34
Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering10
Structural Engineering10
3Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering
Power Electronics & Control10
4Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering & Design10
Industrial Systems Engineering10

Programmes – Under Graduate

Name of DepartmentName of BranchSanctioned Intake
Chemical Engineering DepartmentB. Tech Chemical Engineering50
Civil Engineering DepartmentB. Tech Civil Engineering30
Computer Science & Engineering DepartmentB. Tech Computer Science & Engineering60
Electrical Engineering DepartmentB. Tech Electrical Engineering33
Electronics Engineering DepartmentB. Tech Electronics Engineering45
Information Technology DepartmentB. Tech Information Technology30
Leather Technology DepartmentB. Tech Leather Technology20
Mechanical Engineering DepartmentB. Tech Mechanical Engineering60
Biochemical EngineeringB. Tech Bio-chemical30
Food Technology DepartmentB. Tech Food Technology30
Oil Technology DepartmentB. Tech Oil Technology30
Paint Technology DepartmentB. Tech Paint Technology30
Plastic Technology DepartmentB. Tech Plastic Technology30

Programmes – Post Graduate Full Time

Name of DepartmentName of BranchSanctioned Intake
Computer Science & Engineering DepartmentMaster in Computer Application (MCA)60
Bio-Chemical & Food Technology Department 
Oil & Paint Technology Department
Bio-Chemical Engineering34
Food Technology
Oil Technology
Chemical Engineering DepartmentChemical Engineering18
Mechanical Engineering DepartmentComputer Aided Design18
Electronics Engineering DepartmentElectronics & Communication18
Civil Engineering DepartmentEnvironmental Science & Engineering18

Programmes – Post Graduate Part Time

Name of DepartmentName of BranchSanctioned Intake
Chemical Engineering DepartmentChemical Engineering10
Civil Engineering DepartmentSoil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering10
Structural Engineering10
Electrical Engineering DepartmentPower Electronics & Control10
Mechanical Engineering DepartmentMechanical Engineering Design10
Industrial Systems Engineering10

Ph.D. Under QIP Centre In Engineering &Technology

Name of DepartmentName of BranchSanctioned Intake
Civil Engineering DepartmentCivil Engineering2
Mechanical Engineering DepartmentMechanical Engineering2
Electronics Engineering DepartmentElectronics & Communication Engineering2
Chemical Engineering DepartmentChemical Engineering2


“To become the leader of innovation in the field of technological developments, capable of producing quality engineers & technologists compatible with global standard to deliver the benefits of developed technologies to the society.”


“To create an environment conducive to provide opportunities to the budding engineers, technologists, researchers & practicing engineers of industries, for fusion of their ideas in developing areas of technology, so that society could be benefited at vast level.”